Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best of Taiwan to be theme of craft and design show in Taipei from August 28 to September 1

By Nancy T. Lu

Chou Yu-jun, Su Su-ren and Chen Kao-ming’s bamboo stool called “Bambool” will be a most attractive and rare item to order on the spot at “Craft Taiwan 2009” at the Taipei World Trade Center (D Area) from August 28 to September 1, announced the event organizer, the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. “Crafts for Life – Exhibition of Taiwan’s Best” will be the theme of the craft show.

The remarkable bamboo stool, a collector’s item, was the Taiwan design product which drew raves at the Maison et Objet home-fashion trade show in Paris in September 2008. The item of great refinement (shown in background of one photo) takes a long time to produce, rendering orders difficult to meet. Five such stools will be up for grabs among buyers.

During her meeting with the head of the Louvre in Paris this year, Huang Pi-twan (shown speaking in photo above), chairperson of the Council for Cultural Affairs, was told about the great aesthetic impact of the design at the trade show to her great delight.

An award-winning modern chair called “43”(see photo) is to be available for ordering, too. The Pompidou Center in Paris is reported to be interested in this beautiful product design, which requires exactly 43 strips of bamboo to make.

The National Taiwan Research Institute has been stepping efforts to promote the cultural creative industry particularly through the craft industry in the hope of being able to catch the attention of those with an eye for excellent innovative design. Training programs stimulate interest in crafts and skills notably among Taiwan’s younger generation.

A total of 100 booth spaces spread out over an area of 300 pings will be filled with a wide range of design products at the trade show. On view will be the evolution of Taiwan crafts since 1970.

“An exhibition being planned is rounding up the works of 60 of the country’s top craftsmen,” said Lin Jeng-yi, director of the institute. “The display will include over 100 items: from the classics to the contemporary designs. Craftsmen and artists considered as national treasures and masters are to be featured through their creative works, which are a combination of design and craft.”

A section will be transformed into a showcase of masterpieces like ceramic vase by Lin Pao-chia, lacquered art (see photo of work with aboriginal subject) by Lai Kao-shan, Li Sung-lin’s woodcarving, Chang Hsien-ping’s woven bamboo and Wu Ching’s gold sculpture.

New Chi, a label being pushed by Heinrich Wang, will be there to make impact through exquisitely beautiful and unique porcelain designs. Yii will be unveiling the creations of 18 award-winning local craftsmen and 15 contemporary designers with international exposures. The presence of The One, a label of ever-growing popularity, can likewise be expected.

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