Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mexican children artists reach out to warm Taiwanese hearts at TIWC monthly meeting

By Nancy T. Lu

Mexican art went on view at the monthly meeting of the Taipei International Women’s Club (TIWC) on October 20, opening a window on the brightly-colored world of the gifted children, aged 10 or younger, from Colima on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico.

The mini-exhibit of 26 "masterpieces" shed light on the warmth of the people from a state of natural beauty close to the Mexican coast. The young artists from whose ranks could one day probably come another celebrated Frida Kahlo donated their works of art to reach out and raise money to help the Taiwanese children from an area hardest hit recently by the destructive typhoon Morakot. Some of the boys and girls had previously been in Taiwan to compete in an art competition.

The TIWC members bought some of the paintings unpacked by Mayumi Hu, Lily Assana and Peck Hee Lee for on-the-spot display.

In due time, the entire art collection by talents from a Mexican school famous for producing award-winning young artists will go on exhibit at the new office of the Mexican Trade Services in Taipei, revealed Martin Munoz Ledo Villegas, head of the Oficina de Enlace de Mexico en Taiwan. Despite his busy schedule, he joined his wife, Cecilia Munoz Ledo, in attending the event.

Daniel Guerrero, 9, titled his colorful yarn work “Welcome to My Home!” Veronica Vila Fermin, used crayon to color a floral picture titled “Blooming.” Pablo Neri Fermin, 7, drew “Nogueras Scenery” in a simple style.

Juan Jose Fermin’s “My Volcanoes” saw the use of defined black lines to call attention to a land in a belt of fire. Victor Bautista’s “Colima Volcano” likewise focused on a local mountain which could eject molten rock and steam. Mariana Guerreiro, 9, offered a different and refreshing insight through “The Volcano Is Our Grandfather.”

As for Ramon Preciado, 10, his artistic interest in “The Virgin of Guadalupe” gave the impression of Mexico as a predominantly Catholic country. Marcelino Preciado showed his Christian faith in “Jesus, When He Was Young and Happy.”

The October meeting served, too, as an opportunity to display the plate paintings done by the TIWC members on two occasions.

The TIWC members paused to remember Laura Headly, an American who returned to her homeland with fond memories of her participation in the TIWC activities during her stay in Taipei.

News of Headly’s passing led to a collection of condolence money from her friends in the TIWC. The total amount of NT$25,000 was later turned over to the Friends of the TIWC Fund. Doug Headly, the visiting husband of the late Laura Headly, as a special guest at the TIWC’s October meeting, matched this amount in his cash donation during the program. Connie Pong, the TIWC president, received the crisp New Taiwan dollar bills on behalf of the club (see picture above). The Headly couple left Taiwan nine years ago.

As wife of Petrus Meyer, the leaving representative of the Liaison Office of South Africa, Ida Meyer was also invited to be a special guest at the TIWC monthly gathering. Meyer (shown applauding in one of the pictures above) said that the warm friendship of the people in Taiwan would be what she would miss most upon her return to Cape Town, South Africa. She has been in Taiwan for four years. Packing up has been physically and emotionally a most difficult task, according to her.

An aboriginal fashion parade featured the colorful ethnic looks of the Amis from Taitung and Hualien, the Tsou tribe from Kaohsiung, the Thao minority from Sun Moon Lake and the Atayal group from Nantou County.

The costumed cultural performers invited everyone to join the traditional aboriginal festive dancing to upbeat music in the function room of the Taipei Garden Hotel before the end of the afternoon tea.

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