Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 Shanghai World Expo and Taipei Flora Exposition inspire miniaturist Chen Forng-shean

By Nancy T. Lu

Taiwan’s famous miniaturist Chen Forng-shean is keeping up his record in creating specks of surprises with big impact.

World headlines continue to grab his attention, inspiring him to come up with new conversation pieces. The buzz about the Shanghai World Expo has not gone unnoticed. Shown here is Chen’s mini masterpiece on the “Century’s World Expo Dreams.”

The Xindian-based Chen has literally painted the China Pavilion and the Taiwan Pavilion on a single grain of rice. The grain measures 0.5 centimeter long and 0.3 centimeter wide. He has even written a total of 16 Chinese characters on the rice, which is smaller than the eye of a sewing needle.

As Taipei is bracing for the Taipei International Flora Exposition in November, Chen has also gone horticultural in his creative hobby. He has produced the world’s smallest orchid flowers.

Chen took one month to finish making the orchids out of resin. The floral results measure 0.25 centimeter in length and 0.15 centimeter in width. One cattleya stem has a white flower with touch of red and the other has a yellow bloom with a dash of green.

Both pictures shown above were provided by Taiwan's amazing miniaturist Chen Forng-shean.