Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Siraya and Southwest Coast Pavilions during culinary event to zero in on local bounty

By Nancy T. Lu

Oyster, milkfish, and giant grouper prepared with culinary creativity grabbed attention. So did Taiwan’s biggest and award-winning meatball, which tapped not just pork but also scallop and shrimp as ingredients for added flavor. Tourism-oriented establishments participating in coming 2010 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition also introduced foodways involving lotus seeds and pods, pumpkin, asparagus, ampalaya and vegetables.

Chefs in Taiwan have been warming up for the 2010 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition to unfold at the Taipei World Trade Center from August 27 to 30.

The preview of the Siraya National Scenic Park (Siraya refers to an indigenous people) and Southwest Coast Pavilions at the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei on July 14 was a feast for the eyes, zeroing in on the fresh food bounty of the land. Areas known for mud springs and salt beds were in the spotlight.

Culinary talents from remote places in Chiayi County and Tainan County cooked and prepared the ingredients with acquired flair. The organizers of the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition arranged their exposure to training by experts beforehand to enable them to grow professionally and get ready for the annual culinary showcase.

The Taiwan Culinary Exhibition this August will tips on how to eat right and eat local. It will drum up interest in becoming a low-carbon emission gourmet.

The Taiwan Culinary Exhibition this year will feature also Taipei’s seven popular night markets and seven gourmet gift items to take home.

The Tainan City Government has decided to promote local culinary traditions at the Tainan Food Pavilion.

As in the past years, there will be a domestic culinary competition. The Fine Dining Exhibit will put Gold Medal dishes in the limelight. The Celebrity Chef Cooking Classes promise to attract even homemakers who want to improve their skills in the kitchen.


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