Sunday, October 24, 2010

World of wonder at Taipei Flora Expo sparks excitement ahead of opening on November 6

By Nancy T. Lu
The Taipei Flora Expo has yet to open on November 6. But already, the Pavilion of Dreams is fanning a lot of excitement. .

The Pavilion of Dreams at the Xinsheng Park has the theme of “Hope, Dream, New Horizon.” There are three sections: Five Senses Beyond Space and Time, Interactive Digital Video Center and Panoramic Interactive Theater. A tour of the pavilion is likely to require at least one hour.

Enter the first hall to watch in awe the programmed metamorphosis of a giant flower overhead to six different music soundtracks and constantly changing lighting.

The Interactive Digital Video Center invites a visitor to step into a circle of light in front of a picture and to move to animate the image. A bee, for example, suddenly flutters into view to look for pollen on a flower. Or, petal after petal drops from a beautiful bloom. There is also a long wall on which the silhouette of each new arrival is thrown. But this human shape while moving forward quickly changes into an animated and almost human insect.

The Panoramic Interactive Theater gathers a group at the center for a sweeping look at nature starting with the lotus lagoon. The magical journey through water and land takes off rapidly with everyone blinking their eyes in disbelief and with their spirit literally soaring. Whether from underwater or on a mountain top, Mother Nature takes everyone's breath away. Then comes once more the interactive part. Hands are encouraged to reach out and touch trees to animate images.

Queues at the Pavilion of Dreams are expected to be very long. Groups of 70 visitors will be allowed to enter every 14 minutes after Flora Expo officially opens. The site can ideally accommodate a maximum of 280 persons. But more are likely to be crammed into the space.

Get ready, therefore, to explore the Taipei Flora Expo. A world of wonder and charm waits to take everyone to an unprecedented high.

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