Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rabbit seen only through a magnifying glass emerges from miniaturist Chen Forng-shean's hands to delight everyone

By Nancy T. Lu

Most people aim big in their endeavors. Chen Forng-shean has chosen to be different, devoting a lifetime to the pursuit of the opposite. The creation of scaled-down objects is his obsession. In fact, the smaller the size of the item, the greater the satisfaction it brings him.

Chen, a rare find, is a miniaturist from Xinchu, Taiwan. As the Lunar New Year approaches each year, he unveils his delightful masterpieces, which are often inspired by the zodiac animal of the year. They are barely visible to the naked eye

To welcome the Year of the Rabbit, he took resin and transformed it into “the world’s smallest rabbit.” Take note: the lovable creature measures only 0.5 mm in size. It is even more tiny than the eye of a sewing needle. Chen spent three months to produce a carrot-eating bunny. The rabbit, including its facial expression, can only be seen and appreciated under a magnifying glass.

Chen had the native rabbit in mind when he buckled down to make his rabbit conversation piece. He described the furry white animal as having a cleft palate, developed front teeth, short tail, long ears, short front legs and longer hind legs.

In the past three decades, Chen Forng-shean has built an amazing collection of miniature items. He displays many of them in his private museum at No. 17, Lane 207, Ankang Road, Sec. 1, Xinchu City. All those who have had the privilege of dropping by have been totally impressed by his skill. His accomplishments are indeed for the Guinness Book of World Records.

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