Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taiwan design creativity lights up the showcase at Eslite in run up to 2011 IDA Congress Taipei

By Nancy T. Lu

Taiwan’s selected outstanding product designs speak out to consumers through little scenarios at the O.H.L. (Office, Home, Life) space in basement 2 of Eslite Bookstore Dunnan in the run up to the 2011 International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress Taipei to focus on “Design at the Edges” this October. The Taiwan Design Center as IDA member will host the congress. It is organizing all related activities.

A coffee cup with a saucer (see photo on top) which can be set in circular motion has mirrors built in to reflect changing images. Characters on a spinning plate, for example, easily become passengers on the coaches of a train on the unique cup. Another cup design has a merry-go-round theme. The price per set: NT$2080.

Even imperfections like cracks on a wall can be turned around with aesthetically rewarding result. New stick-ons now available make it easy to introduce tree leaves and birds to beautify the otherwise annoying fissures on the wall. The price:NT$180.

A cute and practical gift suggestion takes the shape of an elephant earring holder named Little. Despite the smallness of the item as underscored by its given name, the bigness of the good wishes that the giver sends with the gift gets conveyed through the animal shape of choice. The price: NT$600.

Tea Shirt, which is about a play of words, is a shirt-shaped holder of tea leaves. The clip on one end can be used to attach a sweet message to a beloved. The price: NT$450.

Wake up in the morning to the melodious chirping of the birds. The bird alarm clock is designed even for decorative hanging in the bedroom. It also gives the time and date either in Japanese or in English on demand.

A designer in southern Taiwan says “Welcome to Tainan” with a tourism-oriented product series highlighting landmarks like Anping Old Fort, Eternal Golden Fort, Chihkan Tower, Former Tainan Meeting Hall, Museum of Meteorology, National Museum of Taiwanese Literature, Tainan Confucius Temple, and Old Tainan District Court. Open a paper cup and find what looks like a protective sachet. Go deeper and come upon a small bottle filled with auspicious objects to put in the sachet. The cup also has seedlings to grow as indoor plants.

Traditional crescent stones for communication with Taoist deities are, in fact, small erasers to readily put in a pocket. The so-called “buei” while offering a glimpse of culture in Taiwan becomes functional in the product design.

The ongoing exhibition is intended to cater particularly to the office crowd. The collection of product designs created by Taiwanese talents goes on view like art gallery displays. Consumers who fancy the original product ideas need only go to the gallery counter at the entrance to buy the items.

The 2011 IDA Congress Taipei will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center on October 24 to 26. The Taipei World Design Expo, the Young Designers Workshop and Design Tours will be the parallel events. The Taipei World Trade Center in the Xinyi District as well as in Nankang and the Songshan Tobacco Creative Design Park will be the venues.

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