Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess what happened to male aboriginal dancer

Blogger decided to try out the video function of her camera for the first time on Wednesday night. When the colorfully dressed aboriginal dancers appeared on the stage for their first number during the launching of "Taiwan Sumptuous Dinner" in Basement 2 of the Sheraton Taipei Hotel, she rushed forward to shoot a footage.

Then something hapened. Blogger blinked, not sure about what was taking place. When she played back her camera, she realized that the male dancer on the left at the back had briefly lost his bearing, falling off the stage but jumping back in seconds. He was very professional.

Was it a case of opening night jitters? Did he have a glass too many of the rice wine? Blogger never found out for sure. But the last laugh should be on this blogger, who did not even know that her camera was still running when she put down her hands, wasting footage on the carpeted floor of the five-star hotel.

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