Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taiwan-style high-end dining designed for tourists looking for fine entertainment

By Nancy T. Lu
High-end tourists in Taipei are now able to enjoy “Taiwan Sumptuous Dinner” complete with colorful aboriginal entertainment at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel.

The palatable feast features flavors from different ethnic and regional cultures and virtually takes guests around the island. Donggang pressed fish roe, Taipei Shihlin sausage, as well as Taitung corn-fed and yellow-skinned chicken arrive at the table as appetizers.

Braised shark’s fin soup so often associated with luxurious banquets does not disappoint in taste. Steamed rice, which gets served in Alishan style in a bamboo container, is topped with dried tiny shrimps from Keelung. This part of the culinary treat becomes a brief encounter with Tsou culture.

Premium pork knuckles are braised with rock sugar, contributing to appreciation of Chinese culinary art. Hakka-style pickled vegetables and bamboo shoots get introduced along with the pork knuckle into a steamed bun.

Fleshy garoupa is steamed with wintermelon from Nantou. A typical Tainan recipe is the shrimp and squid roll. Grapefruit and tapioca in mango juice lend a sweet note to the savory meal with very beautiful presentation.

Throughout dinner, indigenous singing and dancing unfold as colorful entertainment, occasionally with audience participation. Guests also have the option of dressing up as chieftain or princess for souvenir picture-taking. Indigenous crafts like doing beadwork and weaving are demonstrated. A souvenir mirror map pinpointing scenic and historical sites around Taiwan is given as gift to every guest.

The “Taiwan Sumptuous Dinner” experience costs NT$3,800 plus 10 percent service charge per person. The catering department of the Sheraton Taipei Hotel is prepared to arrange such a happening for a group of at least 30 persons. Make reservations by calling tel. (02)2321-5858 ext. 8116/8117.

The photographs here were all taken by Nancy T. Lu.

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